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Full-bodied European city
royal aristocratic
style and Spain

Zhejiang gvssjee co., LTD. Is a set design, production, marketing high-end women's clothing manufacturing enterprises. Company office conditions, perfect living facilities complete, has advanced production equipment and excellent staff team, research and development system.

brand story

a refined, sophisticated
life leader!

Gvssjee has always been to the exquisite tailoring, fashionable and elegant design features and products to integrate into the urban European style as the main theme, shaping and freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting "urban culture women", "embroidery" the connotation of traditional Oriental women as their responsibility, continue to inject the fabric fashion elements, using Western curvilinear technology and the perfect combination of styles, fabrics, crafts, to create fashion, intellectual, natural temperament women model! Transfer at the same time and the audience specific "delicate life" concept, cultivate a healthy, upward outlook on life, interpretation of the free women control the life ability; in her view, life is beautiful, exquisite taste of life is endless, only calmly open-minded, meditation cultivation, in order to achieve exquisite perfection; high Shih Chieh dress is exquisite life witness and leader. And strive to become a model for women's delicate taste of life in twenty-first Century.


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